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Vegetables and Herbs

We not only carry gorgeous annuals and perennials, but we also offer a large selection of vegetable and herb starts.  Most grown right here in our greenhouses, our starts provide the key to your home grown perfection.

Cucumber Armenian

Cucumber Burpless

Cucumber Fanfare

Cucumber Lemon

Cucumber Marketmore

Cucumber Spacemaster

Cucumber Sweet Slice

Cucumber Sweet Success Hybrid

Cucumber Wisconsin Pickling

Melon Ambrosia

Melon Burpee Hybrid

Melon Crenshaw-Burpee Hyb

Melon Earlidew

Melon Toscana

Onion Candy

Onion Walla Walla

Pepper Hot Anaheim

Pepper Hot Fresno Chili

Pepper Hot Garden Salsa

Pepper Hot Habanero

Pepper Hot Hungarian Wax

Pepper Hot Jalapeno

Pepper Hot Serrano Chili

Pepper Hot Tasty Poblano

Pepper Sweet Banana

Pepper Sweet California Wonder


Pepper Sweet Giant Marconi

Pepper Sweet Golden California Wonder

Pepper Sweet Gypsy

Pepper Sweet Keystone Resistant Giant

Pepper Sweet Lilac

Pepper Sweet Red Beauty

Pepper Sweet Tasty Orange Bell

Pumpkin Atlantic Giant

Pumpkin Connecticut Fields

Pumpkin Howden

Pumpkin Jack-Be-Little

Pumpkin Wee-Be-Little

Squash Acorn

Squash Banana

Squash Bush delicata

Squash Buttercup

Squash Butternut

Squash Cocozelle

Squash Crookneck

Squash Peter Pan

Squash Spaghetti

Squash Sunburst

Squash Sweet Meat

Watermelon Crimson Sweet

Watermelon Sugar Baby

Zucchini Aristocrat



Zucchini Aristocrat

Zucchini Eight Ball

Zucchini Gold Rush

Tomatillo Toma Verde

Tomato 4th of July

Tomato Better Boy

Tomato Big Beef

Tomato Celebrity

Tomato Early Girl

Tomato Hamson (DX-52-12)

Tomato Juliet

Tomato Roma

Tomato Super Fantastic

Tomato Viva Italia

Tomato Cherry Chocolate Cherry

Tomato Cherry Sungold Hybrid

Tomato Cherry Sweet 100

Tomato Cherry Sweet Baby Girl

Tomato Heirloom Abe Lincoln

Tomato Heirloom Amish Paste

Tomato Heirloom Black From Tula

Tomato Heirloom Brandy Wine

Tomato Heirloom Green Zebra

Tomato Heirloom Kellogg Breakfast

Tomato Heirloom Lemon Boy

Tomato Heirloom Mortgage Lifter

Tomato Heirloom Mr. Stripey

Tomato Heirloom Yellow Pear

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