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Our Hanging Baskets Will Make You
the ENVY of Your Neighborhood

We are your local experts at designing unique hanging baskets

Beginning in April our greenhouse is bursting at the seams with color.  We have over 2,500 hanging baskets and containers to choose from. Every summer, Adelia (owner) spends weeks designing our baskets and planters for the following year.  

    Our baskets come in a variety of different sizes and plant types:

  • The standard 12" plastic is our most popular option. We have both shade and sun options available.

  • Our 12" Bloom Masters are enormous holding a total of 23 individual plants. These are typically offered as a full sun option and make for great statement pieces.

  • Our fiber baskets offer a larger shade option than the traditional 12" and spotlight a beautiful assortment of begonias and other shade annuals.


In addition to our pre-made designs, we are happy to plant your own custom baskets for you! If you are interested in this, please let us know before the third week of February for that spring.

Be sure to visit us April-May for the best basket selection, we sell out fast!

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