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Our Hanging Baskets will make YOU

the ENVY of your neighborhood

We offer hanging baskets and patio containers for sun or shade in a variety of sizes and styles to fit any budget.  Beginning in April our Logan Utah greenhouse is bursting at the seams with color.  We have over 2,500 hanging baskets and containers to choose from.  Even after the Mother's Day rush we are open all summer long to keep the color coming for all your outdoor needs.  However, please keep in mind, come early because they sell out every year.  Fresh and new color and plants are available at our Logan Utah Garden Center through September (or until the frost wins). 


Our baskets are grown on location in our own customized blend of potting soil that contains a large percentage of coconut fiber. The coconut fiber allows our containers to hold moisture as long as possible and reduce the amount of care that you need to provide. We use only top quality basket stuffers offered by Proven Winners, EuroAmerican Propagaters, Selecta First Class, Fischer USA, Dummen, Four Star Greenhouse and others to produce these magnificent baskets. All of our baskets are custom designed and grown by our staff.

Custom planting is also available in the Logan, Utah area.  In order to make our first planting of the year, custom orders need to be placed before the 3rd week of February for the upcoming spring.  Starting in March, you may bring baskets and containers in any time and we will plant them until we run out of room in the greenhouses or run out of plant material.

Pictures tell only part of our story. Our greenhouses will take your breath away.

Our Hanging Baskets are grown in a number of different baskets.  

Our standard and most popular basket is a 12" plastic basket.  These are the largest 12" basket we can find on the market, allowing for a large amount of soil volume.  This helps the basket stay wet for as long as possible through the Summer Heat.  We also grow in 12" Bloom Masters and 14" and 20" Wire Baskets.  Every Summer, Adelia spends weeks designing our baskets and planters for the following year.  In addition to her designs, we would be happy to plant your own designs/baskets for you.  Just let us know before the third week in February for that spring.

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