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Custom containers are the perfect way to accent your yard while adding depth and dimension

planted containers

Need color on your patio, deck, porch, driveway, or throughout the yard?

We plant hundreds of patio containers each year at our greenhouses in Hyde Park. The best way to get what you want out of your containers is to let us custom plant them for you. We have custom planted all kinds of crazy planters including: roosters, cats, washtubs, manure spreaders, milk cans, the kitchen sink, you name it. Whether you have a traditional planter, or you have something a little crazy, bring it in and let us help make your dreams a reality.


How does it work?

  • Bring your containers to our store from March 1 through April 30th.

  • Tell us what you want (or tell us to surprise you!)

    • Come prepared with some information to help us build your dream container:

      • Sun exposure (shade, part, or sun) and/or direction they will be facing (North, South, East, West)​

      • What you like or don't like

      • Your favorite colors

      • Any other information that you think is applicable

  • We will plant your planters for you and grow them in our greenhouses until weather permits them going home in mid-May.

    • If you bring them to us after April 30th , we will still plant them for you, but you’ll have to take them home with you once they are done.

  • This program also applies for hanging baskets.

Why have us plant for you?

We start off with high quality potting soil. Your containers are then custom designed based on the information you give us and placed in our greenhouses where they receive routine care including fertilization, cleaning, and watering. By the time you come to pick up your containers, they'll be full, beautiful, and truly one-of-kind. We include a slow release fertilizer to help get you started, but highly recommend following our fertilization program to achieve optimal results.

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