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Patio Containers are the perfect way to accent your yard and add depth and dimension

Need color on you patio, deck, porch or driveway or just randomly throughout the yard?


At our Logan Greenhouse, we plant hundreds of Patio Containers each year that will add just the right POP of color to your space. While we do plant many containers that will be available at the store to purchase, the best way for you to get what you want out of our containers is to let us custom plant them for you each year. Bring them to our garden center from March 1 through April 30th and tell us what you want (or tell us to surprise you!) and we will plant your planters for you and grow them in our nice, warm, greenhouses until the weather permits them going home in mid-May. If you bring them to us after April 30th , we will still plant them for you, but you’ll have to take them home with you once they are done. This program also applies for hanging baskets.

Like our hanging baskets, our containers are planted in a custom blended potting soil that has a large
portion of coconut fiber (Coir) added to the soil the will allow the container to hold the maximum
amount of water that it can, while still allowing room for good porosity for air exchange in the soil. Our containers and hanging baskets are also all planted with a slow release fertilizer that will help feed your plants throughout the summer, but we still encourage you to follow our fertilizing program.


In our greenhouse and garden center, we have custom planted all kinds of crazy planters, including
roosters, cats, washtubs, manure spreaders, milk cans, the kitchen sink, you name it. If you have a
traditional planter, or if you have something a little crazy, bring it in and let’s get it looking fabulous for you. We know sell drip irrigation kits that can be used to make watering easy and Moose is even teaching some Drip 101 courses to help you get it setup.  Come see us at our Logan Greenhouse and Garden Center and let us make your yard shine!

Pictures tell only part of our story. Our greenhouses will take your breath away.

NOW Planting! Place your container order today so it will be ready for Springtime pickup!

Call our store to place a custom patio container order.

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