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Spring 2020 is almost upon us, and we can't wait for the Blooms.

Another Cache Valley winter has come and (mostly) gone (we hope). Winter always leaves me craving to get the greenhouse fired up and start planting. My favorite time of year is in Mid-January when I get to go to work and its 70 degrees inside and 20 outside. It always makes me feel happy to get back to working with plants. We've already planted all of our shade hanging baskets and patio containers, our 1st crop of sun hanging baskets and patio containers, as well as many grasses and thousands of perennials.

It's crazy to think that we'll move perennials outside in two weeks and open the store the week after that. If you haven't already ordered your baskets and containers this year, now is the time. Come into our garden center and let us know what you need. Bring your own hanging baskets and patio containers and we'll custom plant them for you. By getting them started in the greenhouse now, you'll have a 2 month head start on summer, and you're baskets will look like great when you take them home.

As this is the beginning of our blog, please come back and check it out often, as we will give you gardening tips, feature new and fun plants, and discuss the state of gardening with you! Please feel free to come visit us any time and see how things are coming in the greenhouses. Just being around plants is sure to make you Smile!

Also, don't forget that our Living Easter Basket Event is coming up soon. Check out our classes and events page for details on how to register. The kids absolutely love planting these baskets and then watching them grow for the entire week before Easter. It is great fun for everyone and the Easter Bunny will even be there for photo ops with the kids.

Come in and check out our Garden Center and Greenhouse today!


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