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Not Your Grandma's Yarrow

NEW for 2020 - Firefly Yarrow series from Proven Winners

These are not your Grandma's Yarrow. This new series of yarrow is sturdy and holds itself upright exceptionally well. They reach 24-28" tall and wide and they prefers full sun (6 hours or more). Yarrow likes average to poor soils, and will even thrive in poor conditions unlike most plants. They are Zone 3 cold hardy, so all of our Cache Valley customers, and our Bear Lake friends, can grow it as a perennials. It's has exceptional deer resistance and they attracts bees and butterflies to the garden. Yarrow blooms in Early to Mid-Summer, but once the initial blooms fade, shear the plant by half to encourage re-blo0m.

In the Logan greenhouse and garden center, we always get yarrow to re-bloom in mid-summer by cutting it back after the initial blooms. Flower heads are excellent cut flower and amazing dried flowers. Yarrow is extremely drought tolerant and salt tolerant. Yarrow is fabulous paired with Russian Sage, Coneflowers, Lavender, Upright Sedum, and Catmint.

Yarrow is a perennial herb with many uses. People have been known to chew on fresh foliage to get relief from tooth aches. Herbalist say it is helpful in relieving fevers, lessening the symptoms of cold and flu, helping with relaxation during illness, and relieving skin itching from rash or other issues. It is often used to help stop the pain from bee/wasp stings. These varieties are available online and in our greenhouse and garden center.

Photos courtesy of Proven Winners


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