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New Profusion Salvia Series

Garden Gateway is happy to introduce the new Profusion Series Salvia from Proven Winners.

Salvia has always been a staple in perennial gardens because it is easy to grow and yet, rewards the gardener with a wonderful display of blues, purples, pinks and whites in late spring and early summer. Most common, and most well known, of all the salvias is the purple form 'May Night,' which has been used in landscapes for many decades. Profusion is a huge improvement on the older Salvia nemorosa hybrids, in that it reblooms multiple times throughout the summer. After the first flush of growth, sheer back the spent flowers when they are done and enjoy it again 3-4 weeks later. All 4 varieties are uniform in habit and size and their rugose green foliage looks great all season. Deer and rabbit resistance is a great plus. Drought toleranance is another added benefit, although it'll bloom it's best if it gets watered once or twice a week.

Profusion Salvias prefer Full Sun (6 hours or more of direct sun) and will tolerage average or fertile soils. Tolerant of Alkaline soils, like those found in Cache Valley. Attracts hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees. Zone 3 cold hardy, meaning our friends in Bear Lake can grow it, too! Grows 14-16" tall and 16-20" wide.

Pink Profusion has dark pink flowers produced on darker pink calyxes.

Perfect Profusion has soft icy blue flowers.

Violet Profusion has violet blue flowers with rosy purple calyxes.

White Profusion is white with white calyxes.

For all your perennial plants, annuals, Proven Winners, Succulents and other garden needs, come check out Cache Valley's little secret - Garden Gateway Greenhouse and Garden Center.

Photos courtesy of Walters Gardens Inc.


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