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Hellebores (aka Lenten Rose)

Hellebores, or Lenten Rose, are known as the harbingers of spring because they begin blooming in late winter/early spring. They are often in bloom during the Christian Season of Lent, hence the common name Lenten Rose. This is an Awesome shade or part shade perennial (prefers less than 6 hours a day of sun) and it has low water needs and can tolerate average soil conditions. This plant thrives in alkaline soils, so it is well adapted to our high desert climate in Cache Valley, UT. Lenten Rose is bee friendly and is one of the first plants in bloom for bees to visit. Excellent in early season containers. Deer Resistant. This plant pairs nicely with hostas, brunnera, bleeding hearts and coral bells. Extremely low maintenance and adapts to most growing conditions. Zones 4 and 5 depending on variety. Picture are the Varieties we currently have available at the Logan greenhouse. All of our perennials at the garden center will be available around April 1st. Shop Hellebores Here!


  2. Pictures courtesy of Walters Gardens.


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