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We grow a large selection of Non-Stop Tuberous Begonias, Himalayan Begonias and Dragon Wing Begonias.  These are grown in 4" and 7" containers; Plus we do 12" Hanging Baskets, 14" & 20" Mixed Hanging Baskets, as well as Patio Containers.

Begonias give you great color in Shade/Part Shade locations.

Since 2009, Begonias have really become a crop that we are known for here at Garden Gateway.  They have become Moose's babies and he loves to show off with them.  Begonias are gorgeous, with their rose like blooms adding splendid color to the shade. They are great for patio containers, hanging baskets and more.  Plus, the flowers are edible, so they make a really colorful garnish for salads.  These will sell out before the end of May, so come early.

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