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Meet the owners...

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Moose came to Cache Valley to attend USU in 1995.  Starting his studies in Landscape Architecture he quickly found his niche in Horticulture.  He had worked in the field for several years prior to moving to the valley, and quickly realized horticulture is what he wanted to pursue.  Moose loves the challenge it brings and is continually studying ways to improve his talents and broaden his understanding of the Horticulture Field.  Moose has been a partner in Garden Gateway Inc. since it's infancy, dedicating his time and talents tirelessly.


Adelia has always loved color, flowers and being outdoors. She loves people and greeting new faces and old friends as they walk through the gates of the our Hyde Park Utah Garden Center.  Her passion lies in designing hanging baskets and containers.  She jumps for joy every spring as we unload the little plants off the trucks and out of the packaging.  Waiting with anticipation as her desings come to life. 


Moose and Adelia met at USU and working alongside each other at a nursery that has since closed.  They have three children and love spending time together as a family.


​Together they have turned Garden Gateway into the premier Logan Utah Greenhouse and Garden Center.

Our Hyde Park Utah Garden Center is your source of gorgeous Utah hanging Baskets..  We are the greenhouse in Logan Utah area for hanging baskets, patio containers, fairy gardens, succulents and more.
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